About Me and My Blog

Welcome To *The Js.J Creations Blog of Poetry and Verse!*


This blog is about me, or rather my perspective on my life and thoughts, in verse.  I have four beautiful children, three of which have grown up successfully, and the youngest boy, also growing up nicely is still at home with me.  My two girls have each produced the most gorgeous baby girls of their own and my eldest son is still practising.

    • Poetry portrays music with a written melody, art with  a literary vision, thoughts without the turmoil and the interruption of voices and the hostilities of life.  Each stroke of the pen signifies and demonstrates a longing for understanding and empathy, coming from a place few others can fathom unless they too have love in their souls and pain in their hearts.

 I have always written.  English was my favourite lesson at school and composition was something I adored.   I would write page after page, chapter after chapter and I remember to this day, always finding it hard to know when to finish a story I was writing, some may say this is evident in my work today – i`ll leave you to decide.

“The world is a stage and all the people merely players”

 “Revenge is a dish best served cold” 

 ↑two of my favourite quotations of all time! 

People have commented that my poetry and verse have a strong rhythmical feel to them.  This is probably due to the fact that I was once a songwriter and lyricist and find there are many similarities when writing poetry.  Words have to flow in order to create fluidity both in verse and songwriting, otherwise it would be a bumpy ride and not sit comfortably in the mind and soul of the listener or indeed the reader.

A pessimist by nature, some of my poetry could be described as dark and questioning, but isn`t that what words are meant to do – to question and encourage the mind to explore other perspectives and perceptions?  I only write about what I see or feel strongly about, things that move me and make me question “Why”?, I hope that by sharing my written words,  others may feel enlightened or better still, empathize with some of my thoughts and probings.

  • It is hard to write about positivity in a world full of turmoil and disturbance, both physically and emotionally but I hope that people don`t find my poetry too dark for them.  I would hate to think that my written words are too depressing;  they are my voice on the stage of my choice; using the language I find most comfortable, to portray my feelings, questions, answers and emotions.  I have been able to do so for many years, since I was a child.  I still remember poems I wrote when I was ten years old, which is amazing as I can barely remember what I did last week!

I am a Scorpio (on the cusp) with strong Sagittarius leanings, so I`ve  been told – hence my complex and rather muddled mind.  In fact, I was once described as an enigma and immediately took it as a compliment!   I am very loyal and have a huge sense of justice and honesty which I strive to see in everything and everyone.  As I grow older my patience is noticeably waning when it comes to stupidity, dishonesty and unfairness.  These negative attributes are guaranteed to produce acts of extreme disdain – so beware!

I have a huge interest in people and pyschology.  I suppose this is fairly evident in my writing as most I pen is question-based.  Finding it difficult to take almost anything on face value, a question is never far behind until it fits comfortably inside my head. 


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